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When you think of sex toys the first thing you might think of is vibrators. However, not all sex toys are vibrators,
But with hundred of models, shapes, colors and sizes, how do you choose. Actually it is not that difficult once you read the following info about vibrators to help you make a choice that is just right for you. 

The first thing to think of size. Most vibes resembles a penis ranging in size from 4 to 8 inches in length and between 1 to 1 3/4 inches in girth. Keep in mind not every vibe is used for penetration. Smaller vibes can be used for stimulating the clitoris and nipples.
Start with a mid-size vibe if this is your first choice. Later you can pick something larger.
Next you want to decide how to control your vibe. Consider the speed and motion or pulsation. There are handheld controllers and many can be controlled on the base of the vibrator.

Which one is the best? That depends on what you enjoy. All vibrators do the same thing. They vibrate.
They produce pleasurable sensations anywhere on the body.

Now you should consider the shape of the vibrator.

Realistic Vibrator. Also consider a shape that does not resemble a penis. The vibrator can be inserted into the vagina, pressed into the vulva and clitoris, pressed against the anus, or even inserted inside.
How about a total body massage.

Bullet shaped Vibrator. They are to small to have a motor so are contained in a separate control unit wired to the bullet. Think of the possibilities. Perfect for travel and can be worn under clothing or panties.

G-Spot Vibrator. You can reach your own G-Spot. Some times this is difficult to do with your finger.
To learn more about G-Spot stimulation go to the section in Sex Ed 101.

Ball-topped Vibrator. Hand held wands and topped by a vibrating ball. Wonderful for whole body massage but may also be used on the genitals.

Extra shaft Vibrator. Known as Rabbit vibrators they have a small extra protrusion extending from the middle of the shaft for clitoral stimulation while the main shaft is inside the vagina.

Finger Vibrators. A vibrator that actually resembles a finger and another style that attaches to your finger. Their small size makes it convenient to tuck into a purse or makeup bag. Small in size and yet can produce intense vibrations. Available in multiple speeds.

Tongue Vibrator. This style has a top that flattens out to become tongue shaped. The tongue moves up and down to simulate the act of cunnilingus.

Butterfly Vibrator. Not intended for insertion, they are designed for pressing into the vulva. Some models have straps that wrap around the thighs to hold them in place.

Anal Vibrators. A vibrator designed for "back door" use and can be enjoyed by both men and women. The anus can be pleasantly stimulated. Men can excite the prostate gland, often referred to as the male G-Spot.

Vibrator Kits. Vibrator Kits come with one basic vibrator and an assortment of sleeves made from different materials. These sleeves are slipped over the vibrator so you can use it for different purposes including G-Spot or clitoral stimulation.

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